As a regular citizen who is able to gain access to any information we would like to know about a celebrity at any time, we are knowledgeable enough to know that being one isn’t easy. There are celebrities who use the media for their gain, but their are also those who prefer privacy. Its especially intriguing watching those who are fairly popular remain a private lifestyle. Chance The Rapper has done this extremely well. Chance has had a very successful music career this year. He has released The Coloring Book, performed on shows such as SNL as an independent artist, and produced many tracks on Kanye’s Life of Pablo. Therefore, through his music, and his performances we’ve learned much more about Chance. He’s influenced the Christian community in his music by sharing his faith. He has also created some tracks that are just the ones you want to get up, and dance. Due to all of his releases recently he has had several interviews with radios, and magazines. But, as far as his love life he has continued to remain fairly discrete keeping it strictly music oriented. Due to him being in the limelight, but continuing this area of private she has almost become a mystery. In one of his recent interviews with Zane Lowe uncovering original tracks from the Life of Pablo, his girlfriend calls. Although this was only about 2 seconds of the interview it escalated everyones curiosity. But, our curiosity was settled on twitter in recent days. Chance The Rapper participated in the #SoGoneChallenge. This challenge is for rappers to freestyle over a instrumental of Monica’s So Gone. Chance raps, and mentions his girlfriend which he’s done before. The new surprise was he flips the camera in the end, and shows her. Twitter went viral with the video, because of the rarity of him ever doing this. The challenge continued with other rappers, and twitter went on. The twitter community was so supportive in seeing his girlfriend, and she is a beautiful woman. They also have a one-year-old daughter together , who we haven’t seen. Maybe she’s next? But, thank you Chance for your transparency!

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