Five creatives came together to do what we do best. We give you,“Rip This Joint”. The inspiration for this shoot came from all around us; from the music we listen to, the magazines we read, the neighborhoods we live in, and the company we keep. Models, Trystan and Emmai, photographer Queion, hairstylist Mo G, and makeup artist Danissa, all bring a different perspective to the dynamic presented in this shoot. We hope that our essence is to you, what art is to us; a catalyst for growth, stimulation for the soul, escape for the mind, and positive influence. “Rip This Joint” is a glimpse into this essence.

img_6162 img_5570                                                           img_5980-copy              img_5576-copy                         img_6083    img_6029-copy



Photography: Q Swift Photography

Makeup: Danissa Eugene @mylovelyvanityxo

Models: Emmai @lulsage

Trystan @felondegeneress

Hair: Mo G @gotothemo