As someone who spends most of their time searching for underground music, finding Connie Diiamond was a breath of fresh air. This Bronx native most known for her distinctive wordplay, catchy lyrics, and most importantly the Summer Sixteen freestyle she dropped a couple months ago (which has been featured on sites such as The Source.) it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been discovered the masses yet. I got the chance to speak with her on her influences, her recent visit to London, her debut mixtape Trap Elliot, and much more!
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Q: How would you describe your sound to somebody who hasn’t heard any of your music?
A:  Aggressive; Trap mixed with too many flows. (lol)


Q: Did you always have an attraction to music or is it relatively new?
A: I’ve been writing music since I was 14 years old. It’s always been my thing.


Q: A Lot of your visuals are reminiscent to those of the 90 — would you say that you’re influenced by the decade of music?
A: When it comes to visual and style yes . . . Visuals most importantly because the visuals from the 90s were always dope and always different. I don’t even remember videos looking alike . . . Nowadays everybody videos look the same.


Q: Among your influences are Lil Kim and Jadakiss, what qualities do you admire about them?
A: Jadakiss because of his aggressive demeanor and bars! Lil Kim because of her confidence; she always gave me this vibe that was like “I’m the best at the shit” -I loved that about her.


Q: If you had a chance to collaborate with a prominent 3 artists of that decade (1990-2000), would you? If so, who would it be?
A: I would collab with Juvenile, Busta Rhymes and Foxy Brown.


Q: As a follow up to that question, if you could collaborate with any artist(s) of today (could be undiscovered or popular) — who would you collaborate with? And why?
A: A$AP Ferg because he’s one of my favorite right now. I love his swag and approach on records; his style and sound is just different. Chris Brown because he has never fell off and because I can always relate to a lot of his music so I feel we would make some fire.


Q: Do you think being from NY gives you a certain edge over artists from other areas?
A:  Sometimes I feel like it’s harder for us to make it than it is for others. People always expect a certain sound from a “New York” artist, I’m def. serving an edge; I’m too versatile.


Q: With artists such as A Boogie and Young M.A taking over the last half of 2016, do you feel NY is “taking back its thrown”?
A: I don’t feel like anybody really has the crown with this shit. I’m just happy the tri-state area is getting a lot more recognition now. We work hard and like I said earlier, I truly feel like it’s harder for us to make it.


Q: Earlier in the year you visited London, what was the music scene over there like? was there a noticeable difference?
A: The music scene is maddd! In a good way (lol); I love every single bit of it! They have a genre of music called grime, I wish it was introduced to New York more it’s def. a noticeable difference but it’s still fire!


Q: Is there anybody from over there that you are interested in working with? If so, who and why.
A: Stefflondon and Ms. Banks. When I first heard their track together I instantly felt a connection. I feel like a lot of female rappers aren’t fucking with me but listening to them had me feeling like “yesss” –you know keeps me on my toes. When I see or hear people that are nice I show love.


connie-diiamond-2Q: Besides traveling outside the country (lol), you released your mixtape Trap Elliot, what was the initial response to the tape? Were you nervous?
A: Yes. It was my first project but I feel like I did pretty well with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I honestly rushed the tape. I feared that I would lose everybody’s attention if I didn’t put something out soon but now I see how this thing works so my next project is 1000x better than the first.


Q: Do you have a personal favorite off the tape?
A: Yes. A track titled “Go Yard”


Q: You’ve released a number of singles, the latest being Go Yard— what was the process that went into that song?
A: I honestly wrote Go Yard in minutes! A producer from Germany named Bullet Proof had sent me that beat and I fell in loveeeee. I told myself I would make the visual really fun because a lot of my visuals are me being so serious and aggressive.


Q: What kind of advice would you give someone who wants to do music, but is scared they might not get a good response?
A: Do what you feel is real & do what makes you happy. Period.


Q: Should we anticipate a new project in 2017?
A: Yup! January to be exact.


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to your supporters?
A: I have been on and off with my music and now that I am more consistent I ask that you all take this ride with me. I feel like I can give the music industry more diversity, more than sexual content, more than your average. I appreciate everybody that’s vibing with me.

Thanks Connie. 🙂 


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To download her mixtape Trap Elliot click here.

To watch her newest video Go Yard click here.

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Sasha "Andro" Bannister is a 19 y/o songwriter and photographer from The Bronx, NY. She's been writing music for over 7 years and practicing photography for a little over 5. Coming from a musically inclined family, it's no wonder she's been attracted since a young age. Having the ability to play several instruments, she hopes to make an impact in the music world. She is currently a member our music team but from time to time comments on Fashion, Photography, and Modeling. To catch up on her daily follow her on Instagram @fye.andro

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