What is Coolie? This might be the first question you’d ask after reading the title to this article. Created and ran by internet sensation/rapper 300 Rez, the Coolie Collection brand has been one of the most successful internet based clothing lines since it started in 2012. But after taking the majority of 2016 off to focus more on his rap career a lot of people started to doubt 300’s ability to still make captivating yet care free clothing that the youth loves so much these days. This lead to the “Seeking Vengeance” line.

Dropping in early October of 2016, the “seeking vengeance” line has not only proved to the doubters that 300 Rez and his partner in crime Weatherman Cam still have a creative eye for clothing, but it also caught the attention of the young fashion icon Ian Connor; who expressed his admiration for 300 Rez and the Coolie Collection as a whole via Twitter. With that being said, I’m sure we can all agree that the Coolie Collections late 2016 campaign was a success and still continues to strive going into 2017.

The “Seeking Vengeance” line along with the Coolie Collection as a whole isn’t your normal fashion clothing line though. With a variety of dope and original shirts, hoodies, head wear, and accessories the unique clothing line doesn’t have clothes for specific seasons. You’ll never see a fall, spring, or winter line being dropped from Coolie. Most believe that this is due to the location of the company hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida where its portrayed to be sunny everyday. However, after speaking with the creator 300 Rez himself he’s enlightened me on why that’s not the case for his unique clothing line. “There are no rules to this. I do what want and I want the customer to feel the same way when they shop Coolie”. 300 Rez also went on with an example stating, “It can be 40 degrees outside, but if I want to put on a Lemonade Season 3 Coolie shirt then that’s what I’m going to do I don’t care what others think.” 300 Rez also informed me that there will be a new line dropping this upcoming summer making this the 5th installment to the Coolie Collection as a whole. “There might be a Seeking Vengeance 2 line, I really don’t know though because we might get mad again and want to take over” stated 300 Rez.

Overall, the Coolie Collections “Seeking Vengeance” line is a must cop no matter what side of the world you live on. And for those who never heard of or seen Coolie clothing before just visit the website cooliecollection.com for an in-depth look at everything Coolie has to offer.

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