Culture album coming soon? Towards the end of 2016, Migos announced that they were coming out with an album “Culture” in 2017. Once the heavily anticipated album dropped, everyone went crazy. Every song on the album was hit after hit, I haven’t really heard someone say “oh I don’t like this song”, and if someone did, it grew on them. The album remained and still remains as one of the most listened to albums this year. The album even went platinum so can they make a second one? Will a second “Culture” live up to our expectations? At a performance, Quavo asked the fans if they were ready for a second culture and of course the crowd went wild. He also made a tweet saying “Culture 2?” and there were fliers with the name on it on the streets so what’s really happening?

Shortly after the BET Awards, the talented lyricist of the group announced that Culture 2 will drop in October. Will it drop in October or are they just getting our hopes up? Artists always announce the release of a new project, but it never releases at that point. We always end up waiting months later, and it ends up not even being worth the wait. Will this be the case for the Migos? When they announced when “Culture” was going to be released, they lived up to their word and dropped it when they said. It wasn’t a disappointment at all. With Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff going in a positive direction, I’m 100% sure this album will do the exact same.

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