1473400049_47a40db018c22cbc63a1508da8eaffeeD.R.A.M. is taking off and he wants everyone to know it.

His extremely popular song “Broccoli” currently sits at number 12 on the billboard.com top 100 songs list. The single is also the number 3 song in the USA right now according to Spotify. With his exposure growing and over a million plays daily, what’s left but to sing about a different green material. Cash.

On September 9th, D.R.A.M released the catchy, new single “Cash Machine.” With a piano riff that may just get stuck in your head again, D.R.A.M.’s new single just simply sounds like a lot of fun. Even the single’s cover features D.R.A.M. snapping his fingers as money rains from the sky.


First, The title says it all. This song makes it very obvious that D.R.A.M. likes the looks of his new bank account. The emerging rapper loves listening to his cash machine. In the first verse, D.R.A.M. tells about his new life as a high roller. He talks about being constantly on planes, a new secluded palace, and how his mama is well taken care of. Verse two explains how much better his life is now. He sings, “How I feel bout you is lukewarm, it burns you up cause I got all this cash.”

The song’s success will determine if the emerging rapper can truly follow up his most popular song “Broccoli.” All though D.R.A.M.’s new single does not include the incredibly popular, Lil Yachty, the song has everything it needs to blow up and become a hit.


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