One of the kings of the creative underground world and the king of Sake World – D Savage 3900 from Los Angeles, California lit up 2016 with a ton of heat. The summer went pretty fast for him. He dropped his first song “30 Round Clip” and has been living the fast life ever since. The song instantly gained millions of SoundCloud plays and before he could get his high school diploma he was an internet rap sensation. He shortly graduated in June and turned 18 in July, by that time he a few more hits on his resume including: “Sake” featuring Yung Weej, “Tendencies,” “Jack,” and “Pass That.” During that time and throughout the summer, D Savage linked up with Playboi Carti, Ian Connor, and John Ross in Hollywood to show him how rappers live and started his takeoff. By the end of the summer he signs to Joey Fatts’ Cutthroat Records.

Lil Yachty, John Ross, & D Savage

Since then D Savage has built a solid fan base across the nation. He admitted that being a rapper was not on his priority list but has worked extremely well for him so far. Linking with Ian and Carti opened up a door to the underground Flex Rap scene. He’s worked UnoTheActivist, ThouxanbanFauni, and Mar90s on the songs “Anticipation,” “In My Body,” “Diamonds Froze,” “True2This,” and “Thicker Den Water.” He’s also been able to build a solid producer foundation with Milan Makes Beats, Capsule Corp. and BeatPluggz as the spearhead. Other collaborators include Maaly Raw, Chris Fresh, Lil Bosstae and unreleased work with Famous Dex.

At first glance D Savage seems like just another “SoundCloud Rapper” and for a couple songs you’d be right. He flexes for the majority sends out warnings to haters and fakers. He’s been compared to Carti and rightfully so, but lately he’s been showing progression and considerable promise. Before signing to Cutthroat, D Savage puts his own spin on a sound reminiscent of 2012 Chief Keef. He doesn’t sound like him per se but the grittiness of his day to day takes you back to time. Like Keef when he started, he’s young and has a lot in from of him. Keef was able to do a lot for himself and Glory Boys so I guess, even though it’s still early, the question is can D Savage do the same for Sake World? Like a lot of others, I have faith in him if he puts himself around the right people.

Real artists can help him better develop his flow and his lyrics. Songs like “Lay Low” featuring Joey Fatts, “Anticipation” featuring UnoTheActivist and “I Know” are perfect examples. On his first few tracks they’re short and it’s hard to determine what the hooks are but the Sake World leader is just spitting straight heat; these are more well conceptualized and put together. D Savage is flowing from the hooks to the verses and they sound like real songs. Over the next year be on the lookout for D Savage 3900.

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