Legendary comedian, Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time last night and the long awaited premiere couldn’t have been any more iconic.

Of course one of the main focuses of his 10 minute opening monologue was the Trump presidency.  While most of the world was shocked by Trumps win Tuesday night, Chappelle noted that he was not that surprised because although he did not know Trump would win, he did suspect it. Chappelle joked, “America has done it. We have finally elected an internet troll as our president.” If you’ve been following the election, or even have a Twitter, then you know that Trump is infamous for his outrageous tweets. Like back in 2012 when he tweeted that President Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

Chappelle also touched on the Black Lives Matters Movement. ” Why do we have to say that? Why do we have to say that black lives matter. Now I admit that is not the best slogan but MCdonald’s already took you deserve a break today.” Chappelle then goes on to talk about how the Black Lives Matter slogan has turned into a slogan for other groups. He notes how the cops say Blue Lives Matter but at the end of the day cops can stop being cops, you cant stop being black. “If I could quit being black today, I’d be out the game.”

However, Chappelle’s monologue got deep when he talked about the history of blacks and the white house, notinh his time at the white house. “Everybody in there was black except for Bradley Cooper for some reason.”  Chapelle noted how the  second black man for havring Roosevelt said he would never have a nigger in the house again.  “These people have been historically

“Im wishing Donald Trump luck and I’m going to give him a chance,” Chappelle said. “And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.” Chappelle, like many others believe that since there is nothing we can do about the presidency, we should accept it and hope for the best.  While Trumps relationship with the black community has been rocky, or non existent in my opinion, our reality is that he is the next president. Not everyone has been so accepting of the presidency.

Here are my two favorite skits from the night.

Election night

This skit surrounded around election night and some of the thoughts that were going through people’s heads. Most of the jokes surround Chapelle and comedian Chris Rock mocking their white friends worries and comparing to the struggles of African American struggles. ” Do you even know what its like to be a woman in this country and never get ahead no matter what you do.” “God this is the most shameful thing America has ever done.” Slavery, Hiroshima, The take away from this sketch could be White America’s problem of emphasising thier “struggles” over anyone else’s, even when they are not even on the same caliber.

Walking Dead Chappelle Show

In this skit Chappelle played the villain Negan from the Walking Dead and he also reprised some of his most loved roles from The Chappelle Show. The characters, Tyrone Biggums, Lil Jon, Silky Johnson, and Clayton Bigsby all made an appearance.  In the scene, Negan stands over the kneeling captives as he debates which of them to kill, “Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?”


My Final Thoughts

This comedic approach to many ofthe problems facing America today was exactly what some needed after this crazy election. Dave Chappelle hosting Saturday Night Live couldn’t have came at a better time. America needed a good laugh, Black America especially, and David Chapelle gave us that. The next four years are going to be a lot different here in America but with Dave Chappelle back, it’s safe to say that we have to take the good with the bad.

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