Earlier news has revealed that singer and actress Zendaya has created her own clothing line called “Daya by Zenday”. Newer information released about the clothing line reveals that the clothes will be moderately priced and are inclusive of all body types. On the star’s instagram account she also posted a screen shot of her article from Vogue. The title from this article states that the line’s most expensive item is priced at $160, which is a price point that is accessible to many. Zendaya also captions the post stating, “sizes ranging from 0-22 for all my beautiful bodies out there”. This is an extremely inclusive size range seen from a clothing brand, and Zendaya should be applauded for considering everyone when making her clothes. According to a video that the Disney star posted on her instagram account, the clothing line with have pop up shops in three locations this weekend; New York, Chicago, and L.A. The shops will be open on November 5th and 6th, so don’t miss out on the chance to actually see the products in store. Zendaya also says that she will hit up every one of her pop-up shops on the 5th as well, which will be quite a tiring trip for her. The singer also promoted this weekend’s event on her snapchat as well. This is big news for Zendaya fans, being able to check out her new line and to have the chance to meet her all in one weekend. Zendaya also tells fans to stay tuned, for there is more info to come!

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