As fans of the Disney actress know, Zendaya Coleman launched her clothing line in the fall of last year. Via her Instagram the actress announced the release of her spring collection which is available for purchase either from the brand’s website or through the Zendaya app. This collection has remained true to the style of the brand by maintaining that edgy yet feminine vibe. This collection consists of jackets, sweatshirts, matching sets, denim pieces, velvet, vinyl, satin, and the color red. Zendaya’s clothing brand is definitely for the fashionista who isn’t afraid to take risks. Zendaya’s clothes feature flashy materials and unique silhouettes that only the most stylish can pull off. While her clothes are different, they still manage to stay on top of the trends. Velvet is very popular right now and Zendaya makes good use of the fabric in her clothes. Matching sets are popular as well which Coleman also incorporates into this season’s collection. Zendaya’s last release of clothing seemed to incorporate much higher prices, however this time around her collection does not feature an item priced over $50, which is definitely affordable. Within the caption on her Instagram post where she announced the launch of her spring collection she adds that this is only the first roll out of her spring collection, so definitely keep an eye out for more fierce items to come from her later on within this season. Keep up with the clothing line by following Zendaya and Daya by Zendaya on Instagram and Twitter.


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