She’s unusual, unique, unlike, discrete, to be loved indifferently than just any other woman, her love runs deep. Unapologetic about her concern for you because only she knows what you intend to do when you don’t intend to do anything wrong or miss anything right, she imposes when she chooses to intrude in your life.

Perhaps your appreciation is desired but at her will, she takes care of you, your laughter calms her spirit and your smiles give her laughter too. There are times when she is restless and burdened, but you’ll never know, times when she is stressed, even hurting, with her mind blown…she keeps pushing, keeps on pushing, pushing you to your limits, pressing you to strive further, praying you live better…

Better than her, better than before, better than now, better for her. It’s called peace, a piece of mind she’s rewarded, peace in time she’s afforded, no amount of money could give her what you gift her, could lift her like you lift her, could scare her as you’ve scared her, could push her like you’ve dared her.

It is she that carries strength up or down, shaken or stirred she carries it, even if she’s physically worn, emotionally torn, damn right she carries it, even it life straddles her back or straps her blind, she still carries it.

And she only turns it over for you. You made her different, you made her listen, you made her proud, and you gave her missions.

She can not be imitated, duplicated or cloned in spirit, her presence is what makes her relevant, her bond is what makes her different.

Any other woman you could call her by her name, but Momma’s always Momma while there’s no one quite the same.

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