A domestic altercation with four men against one, all men intend to leave beside the one those four men jumped. Could those men call themselves men knowing what those four men done? No concern with the next matters, their damaged already done. That one man down got helped by a passing man, the night extends with the passing man down, left to never get up again.

By guessing but only guessing wouldn’t lead you any further, to think that someone only helping would be taken from his mother. He lent a hand to a brother but a peacemaker he’d discover would be murdered from behind and left to live no further.

No weapon he’d presented, not even ill intentions, a heart full of gold exposed in the trenches. By offering a friendly gesture, a killer got his wishes, a daughter lost her father while her mother reminiscences.

Shot by a coward in his back, how could he see him coming, how could he refuse the matter besides to take off running. His body only took him seventy-five feet but his kindness got him to heaven. While his mind endured what his body could not his soul left on the seventh.

Should an act of kindness kill, should a pleasant act cost one’s life, it doesn’t occur that either would happen when you’re invested in doing what’s right.

Five men unprepared for a murder to happen, when the fight broke out and all else unraveled. An Angel walked up to aid a man, before gaining his wings by lending a hand.

That Angel is Branden Moss.


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