Thigh high boots have been popular for a minute now, and now variations of the classic boot are being added on to the trend. One variation that is increasing in popularity right now is the denim thigh high boot. One celebrity that has been seen wearing this trend is fashion icon, singer, and actress, Rihanna. This particular pair of belted denim thigh highs are made by Manolo Blahnik and Rihanna wears them effortlessly. The star paired the boots with light blue denim shorts, an oversized t-shirt featuring the late Princess Diana, black sunglasses, a big cross necklace, and a leather jacket. Being a fashion icon, Rihanna makes a risky fashion choice by pairing denim shorts with denim boots but is able to pull it off.


Besides the belted style, also known as the waist high style, denim thigh high boots also come in a stiletto heel, a chunky heel, distressed, and in various washes. UK brand Ego teamed up with Blogger Sherlina Nym to create the collection SherlinaxEgo which features distressed denim thigh highs in dark blue, medium blue, and light blue. The boots have a rip at the knee, and frayed edges, and a peep toe.

Denim thigh high boots go best with outfits featuring neutral colors, blue, or colors that complement blue, such as pastels. Like other thigh high boots they go great with oversized shirts and short dresses/skirts and shorts. Denim chokers are popular right now as well and it is common for the two to be worn together as a way to make an outfit cohesive. Some also choose to pair the boots with a denim jacket. When wearing denim on denim, make sure the washes don’t clash. It is probably best to avoid wearing these boots with blue jeans since it will more than likely end up looking like your pants and shoes are connected. Even if they are not blue jeans, the pairing of pants and thigh highs can sometimes just have an off appearance if the colors within the outfit do not match up the best. Denim thigh high boots have not fully saturated the market yet, so only the boldest fashionistas will dare to rock this trend.



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