Native to Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin, Devon Alexander is a rising musician with cut-throat lyrics, a melodic voice, and a knack for blurring the lines between genres. Alexander debuts his EP, Empty Promises, a four track project with a creative blend of hip-hop and rock, as well as adaptable songwriting that spins together the perfect freshman release.

The project begins with Can’t Change, which features fellow artists Jaiden & Steezefield. Can’t Change tells the story of Alexander being stuck in a binding situation within a relationship. Alexander’s partner feels that he should change in order for things to work successfully, however, Alexander feels that he does not need to change himself, rather the change is coming from his partner. With the mix of alternative rock and trap beats in this first track, Alexander firmly states how he is unapologetically himself and wishes to change for no one.

The tempo slides into a dark R&B vibe in Escape The World. In this drug-induced track, Alexander opens with a melody-addicting hook and awe-inspiring lyrics. He pushes his listeners to focus on the road ahead and to take advantage of opportunities that may approach you.

“There’s only one way out, but are you willing to take it. Reality is ahead, but are you willing to face it.” 

Showcasing his versatility with soothing vocals and reminiscent of his ways, Alexander offers an apologetic R&B track with, Sorry. Featuring Jared Evan, Sorry is Alexander’s open letter expressing his deepest apologies for his past transgressions, in hopes of forgiveness for his wrongful ways.

The project ends on a high note as the tempo slides back into a trap filled, club-infused feeling in Whiskey and Water. This track is for those nights you can’t remember. Setting the scene for the perfect night out, Whiskey and Water is an upbeat trap song with a slight nod to disco music in the background

“Whiskey and the water, Vodka with the Sprite, Gin and the juice, Champagne with ice, they say that i’m living wrong, but it feels so right.” 

As a debut EP, I was thoroughly impressed with Devon Alexander’s adaptability and fluidity in his work. With this only being the beginning, there’s no doubt Alexander will continue to break barriers and bring important messages not only to his audience, but to this generation.



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