Distressed shirts are extremely popular right now, whether they are splattered in bleach or have holes cut out all over them. Adding to the list of types of distressed shirts that people are wearing, there is a new DIY trend emerging as a result of the revival of the 90’s chokers. This trend is the choker cut out t-shirt. To achieve this look, it appears as if one will take a t-shirt, typically one that is white or black and has a phrase or a graphic on it. It’s common to see old rock band shirts used because of the graphic depicted on the front. The shirt can be either oversized or tight fitting, depending on the wearer’s personal preference. Once you have your t-shirt, you simply cut directly below the collar and create the neckline. Typically v-neck or plunging necklines or done on these shirts but it is up to the wearer how their shirt looks. The collar will imitate the appearance of a choker once the shirt has been cut. It seems as if Kendall Jenner may be the pioneer for this trend as she is the only celebrity I’ve seen rocking the look. Kendall has been seen out on the streets rocking the shirt with a plunging neckline. Kendall makes this look her own by exposing her entire chest and then wearing a black lace bralette. Another time when Kendall was seen rocking the trend, she had a more modest scoop neckline. This time however she has slits cut into the side of her white tee, which reveals the white lace bralette she was wearing underneath.






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