Shortly after Florida rapper, Robb Banks, dropped C2: Death Of My Teenage, he decided to give his fans a tour, which started on January 11th, 2017.

As a part of the Death of My Teenage tour, Banks also brought along Ski Mask The Slump God, Wifisfuneral (He wasn’t at the VA show), Los Hosale..and many more (I’m sure XXXTENTACION would’ve tagged along).


I attended his Virginia Beach show at Shakas Lounge. It was pretty much one of the first concerts I went to (I’ve been to other’s but I wasn’t a huge fan). It was hot and crowded as expected, yet I still enjoyed myself. The DJ was fantastic and the supporting acts were amazing before Banks came on stage.

Seeing the different types of people coming to see Robb perform was dope, it made me realize that his fan base is extremely diverse.


Before I knew it, Ski Mask was on the stage performing ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN by XXXTENTACION (Ft. Ski & Yung Bans). Ski Mask had the crowd moshing and screaming “FREE X,” with this energetic and hyper stigma. The crowd felt that vibe and ran with it. He gives off great energy when he’s performing.

After Ski left the stage, everyone was anticipating Robb even more, FINALLY he came onto the stage.

Can you even imagine a petite, tiny, lightskinned girl yelling Robb Banks lyrics at the top of her lungs while getting pushed around in a wild ass moshpit? That was me to be exact.

I believe he started with Phone Talk or Innadat ft. XXXTENTACION, but whatever the case may be, the crowd went berserk when this man came on the stage.

After a couple of songs, he cooled down and asked us what we wanted to hear. Everyone started yelling so many different song names, but Banks broke down  asked us if we wanted to hear his new unreleased song. OF COURSE WE WANTED TO HEAR IT!!!

Robb’s performance of his unreleased work was amazing. He was really interactive with the crowd, which made the concert even better and he  got in the moshpit while performing.

After this magical show, Banks stuck around to take pictures with fans. Despite getting stepped on, pushed around, and becoming all sweaty, I really loved seeing them live, and I he even signed one of my classic checkerboard vans.

As if the litivities doesn’t stop there, Robb has also been torturing his fans with dropping his new album, “FALCONIA”.


We finally found out that it drops the same day as one of his favorite anime’s, Berserk, which returns on April 7th. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table with this new album.

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