I’m sure that at some point you’ve heard someone say, “fashions always come back around”. I’ve found this old mantra to be true, especially recently. Granted, some fashions should be left in the generation that they were found in, *cough cough* platform flip flops… But the truth of the matter remains, the world of fashion is a revolving door.

While walking through the mall, I noticed the store front mannequins clothed in pieces that screamed ‘Clueless’, ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, and many more of the 90’s shows that I once enjoyed watching. It made me wonder; which of today’s pieces are just remakes from the past? (*inserts thinking face emoji*)

Here’s a look at a few clothing items that have made their way back into our hearts, along with the time period that they’ve re-emerged from:



The 90’s Choker

If you were a 90’s kids like myself, I’m sure you remember how crucial the choker necklace was to an outfit. At the time, I was too young to actually wear them but they were essentially the hottest accessory of the times. After disappearing for over a decade, the choker has made a comeback, being sported by the likes of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Shay Mitchell. Getting your hands on one is fairly easy; you can find these at your local Forever 21, Aldo, or Charlotte Russe.

IMG_0764 2

The 2000’s Gaucho Pants

Raise your hand if you were guilty of the picture on the left… *inserts raised hand emoji* Yes guys, I too wore the ill fitting gaucho pants with Bobby Jack shirts and slippers from the hair store. Now, gauchos have made a comeback with a tailored fit and better fabric choice. Although they aren’t as easy to find as the choker, I predict that they’ll be in more stores by the end of this year.


The 80’s Patchwork Denim Jacket

The 80’s was a time of bright colors, big hair, and happy-go-lucky fashion. One of the many pieces that went down in the history of this decade was the denim jacket. When the 90’s rolled in, things were toned down and the denim jacket was now a piece meant to be worn plain and simple. Now, the denim jacket with bright patchwork and buttons is back and better than ever… I sense a D.I.Y coming in the near future.

IMG_0765 2

The 70’s Halter and High Waist Combo

 One of my all time favorite combinations has reappeared, and I must say, I hope that it is here to stay. High waisted jeans have been back on the scene for a few years now but the return of the halter top happened a few months ago. Paired together, these pieces make chic magic. In this outfit, there is no room for self doubt because it lends an instant boost of self-confidence to its wearer.

Which return is your favorite? Let us know by using the hashtag, #FRLMAGFashion.

Stay stylish my friends!

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