Photographer:Joshua Maclin
Models: Lue Doris + Jeri
Stylist: Christopher Quarterman
Makeup: Katie Williams
Creative Director: Aaron Ni’jai
Assistant: Tina
Videographer: Shirodg |

Possessing some of the world’s most eye-catching features, 18-year-old Lue and 19-year-old Jeri are two brothers from Richmond, Virginia who are sure to take the modeling industry by storm with their distinctive looks and self assured personalities.

Modeling just a little under a year, Lue and Jeri are two freelance models who are gradually building reputable names for themselves. They can actively be seen modeling for Need Supply Co., a contemporary clothing and lifestyle store based out of Richmond, VA.

Aside from shooting product images and look books, the two models were able to test the waters and shoot their very first editorial for Ink Magazine titled ‘Dry Heat’ which turned out to be a remarkable experience.

“It was my first editorial and the experience was so amazing.-Lue

Lue and Jeri are for sure new faces to watch out for. Refusing to let anything stop them, the two brothers are on their way to supermodel stardom.

Check out our extended interview below with Lue & Jeri as they cover topics like how their modeling journey began and how they manage to keep clear skin.

Q: How did the two of you get into modeling?

LUE: I feel like I always wanted to be a model. The moment I realized it was something I really wanted to make a career was when I stated modeling for need supply.

JERI: People would always complement my facial structure, call me beautiful and tell me I was born to be a model. I took that into consideration and networked with local photographers in RVA (Richmond, Virginia) to build a portfolio.

Q: What was it like walking during RVA fashion week? 

LUE: It was super exciting. Kinda like riding a roller coaster if you like riding Roller coasters.

JERI: Walking for RVA fashion week was astonishing. As a beginner, I felt as if I was getting closer to my dreams as I took steps down the runway with nothing but positivity and confidence.

Q: Are there any models you look up to in the industry?

LUE: Honestly no.

JERI: Broderick Hunter has always been one of my favorite models. I’ve learned so much about the industry by watching his blog as it went into depth about the modeling industry.

Q: What has been your favorite shoot to be a part of thus far?

LUE: The shoot for ink magazine. It was my first editorial and the experience was so amazing.

JERI: Yeah, my favorite shoot would have to be the “Dry Heat” which was shot in the desert for Ink Magazine.

Q: What inspires the two of you to keep going?

LUE: Honestly just to better my life. I’ve always seen myself living a certain lifestyle and I won’t stop until I am.

JERI:  I inspire myself, I honestly just want a better lifestyle for myself.

Q: The two of you also model for Need Supply, how did that opportunity come about?

LUE: Well I heard about from Jeri and then I think I had just reached out to everyone asking them to show my pictures to who hired the models lol.

JERI: When I was offered the job to model for need supply, their photographer sent me an email complementing me on my look and insisted that I visit for a casting.

Q: What are your long-term goals as a model?

LUE: I honestly don’t know. I want to the male version of Naomi Campbell. I don’t feel like a male model career has lasted as long as hers and have been as popular.

JERI: My long term goal is to be a signed model, preferably with red model management, and booking multiple jobs making thousands of dollars.

Q: Clear skin is vitally important in the modeling industry, what are some skincare secrets that you live by?

LUE: Well thank God for makeup lol but I honestly am not super strict on myself even though I should be. Usually like 3 days before a shoot I drink lots of water, a little bit of toothpaste on my major problem areas every night and St.Ives works really good for me.

JERI: Oh man, the battle for clear skin is crucial. I’ve tried millions of products and remedies. The best for my skin type would be lemon water, natural organic cucumber mask, and witch hazel.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

LUE: Lenny Kravitz meets Kurt Cobain meets Kanye West. My style is very diverse it’s usually based off what event will be taking place that day.

JERI: My personal style would be very minimalistic. I love simplicity, and organization. My style mostly consists of colors like: navy blue, grey, black and white.

Q: If you could be the face of any brand, what brand would that be?

LUE: Calvin Klein- I think It’d be pretty cool for them to try something new instead of using the usual ripped models. Using someone like me skinny but still tone the norm honestly, specially for a lot of teens my age.

JERI: I would love to be the face of John Elliott. John Elliott’s models are beautiful men, with amazing structure and I feel I would be perfect for the job.

Q: Currently, the two of you are looking for agency representation, what would be your dream agency to be signed to? 

LUE: Red, Request or New York models because I like the people who are behind these companies and the type of models they sign as well as the work their models have done.

JERI: My dream agency would be Red models. Their models are pure beauty and their male models are floating all over the world.

Q: What do you like to do in your downtime?

LUE: I’ve been doing a lot of painting lately and I’m also trying to get back into acting which I did when I was younger. That was my first passion.

JERI: In my downtime, it’s all about relaxation and putting the mind at ease. I normally listen to calm mediation music and practicing breathing exercises.

Q: What can we expect from Lue and Jeri in 2017?

LUE: I’m hoping for the best but let’s pray we are both signed models. It hasn’t even been a year for me since I’ve been modeling so I know I still have a lot of leading and growing to do! But I really hope to be working with bigger and more well-known photographers and designers. But you can expect to hear about me way more because I’m super determined and driven to make it.

JERI: 2017 will be full of success and knowledge of all things fashion. I also will be signed with red models and walking in multiple fashion shows.

To stay up to date with Lue & Jeri follow their Instagram accounts @lluedoris & @trankilo_papi

*Check out the footage from their recent fashion editorial for Ink Magazine ‘Dry Heat’

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