Its been 7 years since Drake’s debut studio album, Thank Me Later, has been released. In the years since we have watched Drake grow as an artist. While we patently await the release of Moore Life, lets take a look at Drake’s features on some of our favorite artist’s albums from 2016.


Song: Why You Always Hatin?

Album: Still Brazy
Best Quote:”Yeah, I be slidin’, I be creepin’, nigga Girls these days, they just don’t know how to keep a nigga But I got it all handled They try to box me in, I got my own angles, yeah



Song: Both
Album: The Return of East Atlanta Santa
Best Quote: “I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high But I’m both right now, got me talking about my life.” Drake and Gucci team up again for the single, “Both”.





Song: Come and See Me

Album: PartyNextDoor 3
Best Quote:”I know we make time for the things that we want I know you got another nigga tryna play the part Just ’cause he got a heart don’t mean he got heart.” Drake and PartyNextDoor have worked together on numerous projects since the two are label mates.




Song: Big Amount

Album: Daniel Son; Necklace Don
Best Quote: “Michael Jackson talkin’ to me in my dreams
And he say, “You bad and you know it” Better shamone with my check then.” This isn’t the first time Drake and 2 Chainz have linked up. All Me and No Lie also feature the rappers’ together.


Song: No Shopping
Album: MC4
Best Quote: “I’m not a one hit wonder, they know all my stuff You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was I done seen a lot of shit and I done been in things And I never started nothin’, I just finish things. Drake and French Montana also teamed up for the single, Pop That.



Song: Used To This

Mixtape: Beast Mode 17
Best Quote: “Eyes getting low but I’m still observing, I see you lurking
Never see me out in person, I’m always working
Money on your head if you make a nigga nervous.”



Song: Work

Album: Anti

Best Quote:”Long distance, I need you When I see potential I just gotta see it through
If you had a twin, I would still choose you.” This song took over airwaves as soon as it was released. The iconic duo, AubRih, never disappoint when they make music together. I know you’re probably wondering why Work isn’t listed as his number one feature of 2016. Well the answer is simple. Work did great on the charts but there were other Drake verses that I think went a lot harder. Yes, Work did amazing on the charts but that doesn’t mean its Drake’s best feature of 2016.

Song: For Free
Album: Major Key
Best Quote: “And like your boy from Compton said
You know this dick ain’t free!I got girls that I shoulda made pay for it
Got girls that I shoulda made wait for it, Got girls that’ll cancel a flight back home stay another day for it.





As I look back on the features Drake did in 2016 I cant wait for his latest project to be released. While their hasn’t been an official release date, Drake has been quoted stating that its coming “real soon”. After the release of Moore Life Drake stated that he would be taking a break from music and focusing on his acting career. I haven’t see all of Drake’s Degrassi episodes and I’m curious as to what sort of roles he would be interested in playing. With the success of his rap career and previous acting experience, landing jobs wont be a challenge for drake. But I do have one question..Will Drake go by Aubrey when acting? Only time will tell..

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