“So please take a seat if you really can’t stand it, got success in my pocket and these rappers in a panic.” -Drake

I’ve been a Drake fan for as long as I can remember. The summer of my 7th grade year was spent in Washington, D.C falling in love with his mixtapes Room for Improvement and So Far Gone. I had an old fucked up FM player thingy that I would use to put his songs that I had downloaded on. This was before I had an IPod of course.  Drake was the first rapper that I stuck with and watched grow as I became into my own self too.

Over the years Drake has solidified his position in the industry as a major star player. Drake’s consistency in the rap game has caused his fan base to expand immensely over the past years.I recently read an article by John Walaszek titled, “Drake’s Identity Crisis” and it made me wonder…Has Drake lost his identity? Of course none of us know him personally but me being a fan of over 8 years and closely watching all of his moves, I can understand both sides enough to accurately exert my opinion. LET IT BE KNOWN, although I am a Drake fan, I am not the type that fails to see others views, no pun intended.

The article talks about how Drake seems to catch the wave of every new artist coming up with clout, “Since “Tuesday,” Drake has hopped on wave after wave, few being of his own creation. He’s had a love affair with grime and he’s dabbled in dancehall. ” Of course I’ve noticed this too. There’s no denying the fact that Drake hops on popping tracks.  But..any time a popping song comes out don’t some of us think “Damn Drake should remix this.” Yeah, so tell me again why it’s a problem?  Isn’t that crucial in the entertainment business? To work with artists that are generating buzz? Never mind the fact that once a song gets a feature from Drake it blows up even more. I think the one thing people seem to forget is that although Drake does remix a lot of aspiring rappers song, they get to work with an ICON. Look at all of the artists Drake has cosigned for. Some rappers won’t even give young artist’s song a listen, so humble yourself please. I’ve never seen a rapper get hated on as much as Drake.

In regards to Drake dabbling in different music genres, it is all about perseverance and reaching new pinnacles. Drake knows exactly who he is and what he’s doing. The style and approach might be different and strange to some fans, but all of it is still Drake.  Many of Drakes fans have cried that his latest release, Views was in short trash. Kind of like how the BeeHive feels about Beyoncé’s album 4. But Views did greatly on the charts, and I personally loved it. I still felt connected to Drake while listening to views as i was when I first heard Take Care. Sue me.


What do you all think? Has Drake lost his identity after years of being in the rap game? Sound off below.

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