College football season is in full effect and in the south, football games are essentially when girls debut their best outfits. To ensure that you are one of the properly dressed at your school’s football game follow these easy steps featuring photos of my own game day outfits.

1.Wear your school colors


The best way to be stylish and spirited is by wearing your school colors, don’t be one of those people who don’t dress in theme.

2. Have a shaker


For picture purposes, a shaker will look great in your game day photo. If you’re dressed in school colors and it matches your outfit it becomes the perfect accessory.

3. Wear Game day buttons


A game day button will take your outfit from typical everyday outfit, to a game day outfit. They’re a cute and easy way to show off your school spirit.

4. Only neutrals

If you decide not to wear your school’s colors to the football game or to tailgate, only wear neutrals such as black, white, or grey. You’ll look kind of crazy if your school color is red and you’re walking around in blue. However, if the blue your wearing is denim then it counts as a neutral.

5. Dress up a jersey


You can dress up a jersey in 3 ways. You can wear your jersey as an oversized dress, you can wear it with a skirt, or you can wear it with nice pants or jeans. If you wear the jersey as a dress or with a skirt, wear it with tall boots since those are popular right now and they’ll keep your legs warm in case the temperature drops. If you wear the jersey with pants, pair the outfit with some cute booties.

6. Layers

Since it is fall and the temperatures are starting to get lower, the best way to stay cute and warm is buy layering your outfit. The best way to create a layered look is with a cardigan, a scarf, tights, or even tall socks or tall boots.

7. Floppy hats

Floppy hats are the perfect accessory that’ll go with any game day outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing pants, a skirt, a dress, a romper, or a jumpsuit. Black floppy hats go with everything and are an essential the fall season.

8. Comfortable Shoes


Usually on game day you’re walking all over campus. You’re probably having to hike from your dorm or apartment, to tailgates, frat houses, and then the game. After all that is over then you still have to walk home. Not being able to walk because your feet hurt is not cute at all. Avoid this problem by wearing comfortable shoes. Shoes that tend to be comfortable are chunky heels, wedges, or sandals. I prefer to wear flat shoes on game day, especially if I plan on going out after the game and wearing heels then.

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