Where were you when the results dropped? Did the polls make your heart stop? At the end, did you feel it; excitement or unbelieving? In which way were you insulted? Was it the new elect ,or the protesters indulging? Either way, either person, remains human, contains nothing that makes you a better person.

Yet you ponder with sadness, or you marvel with gladness…….. as a beneficiary but to what? Do you look to gain or afraid you’ve lost? Deepen your thoughts but don’t overthink your position. Embrace the proud, forgive the unforgiven. Be kind to the hardened, rely neither on ignorance nor reject the submission of what you see to be different.

At who’s deposition have we arrived to, don’t let it be you, cater to your own peace of mind, pray others follow suit. What’s lost or who’s lost? Better find the truth, need not look on social media for what resides in you. Unity is sufficient amongst we, who seems divided, divided families, divided beliefs, divided friends, divided races, even divided on who’s divided. No surrender, no retreat ,no agreement to disagree . Just mockery and disbelief.

So how do you fit in, or don’t you? How can you make things better, or won’t you ? Your contributions matter, if not for others than for you! We must accept what we can not change , yet we do not have to lose focus. Find the purpose.  The division is simple but allow no division within you, one must remain one, be a pleasure to add to! Unity!!!!!


-Plychette Montgomery

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