A woman falling, people watching, I am the lesser of two evils. Those are the three main components of Bastilles eerie teaser for their new album. On Thursday June 2nd, Bastille gave fans the first shred of information in regards to their upcoming album, which had since been a mysterious figment floating in shrouds of secrecy up until this point. And in regards to that shred of information, it was a pretty big shred. The shred came in the form of a “teaser trailer”; a short video that alluded to the main components of the new album without really giving up any concrete details. Yet, even though the teaser is swathed in mystery, its an enjoyable piece to watch nonetheless. And for fans of the group, it is equally as fun to dissect as it is to watch.

For starters, there is the video; a cryptic teaser trailer that teases so much without really giving any specifics. Throughout this video there is teased possible album artwork, the possible concept/theme of the album, a possible first single, and the possible title for the entire album. There are just so many possibilities without any true specifics – a great tactic to both get fans super pumped up and talking about the album, while also driving them insane. As I mentioned previously, there are three major components to the trailer: the video, the background song, and the title. The video itself has little color, opting for a more grey aesthetic to truly give it that eerie feeling, and it focuses on a woman falling from a building as onlookers watch from below. These images offer possible insights into both album artwork and the title as this concept of someone falling from a building as people watch is very specific and powerful, which makes the image – specifically that of the woman falling – all the more likely to be that of the artwork and to resonate with the album title. Then there is the song that plays in the background. It is only a bit of a song, and by the sounds of it, it is most likely the chorus of a song, with the more identifiable line being: “I am the lesser of two evils”. Now as many can assume, this is most likely a snippet from either the first single to be released or the titular track from the album, which could also double as both. The music is likewise just as striking as the album artwork, and could also play into the title of the album. Thus leading to the cryptic message at the end of the teaser which said “Wild World”, which one can only assume is either the track name or the actual album title. Likewise the videos title, “WWWCOMMS.001 // HELLO” is equally as confusing. In the end all you are left asking is what does it all mean, and that’s exactly what they want you to do. So many details, and yet all we are left with is so many more questions!

It’s been three years since Bastilles first album “Bad Blood” which effectively through the group into the limelight with the major success of their hit single “Pompeii”.  As a whole, the entire album was an eclectic treasure trove of wide ranging jems, from songs such as “Pompeii” and the titular song “Bad Blood”, to other more eccentric songs such as Icarus, to more melodic feels such as “Daniel in the Den” or “What would you do?”. For any interested in their work, this is certainly a great place to start. If their previous work is any indication – the band knows how to make a successful piece of work that hits multiple layers in the process. As many fans hope, and as this teaser alludes, the group hopes to work their magic once again – only this times it seems that they are aiming to go a little darker in the process.



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