First Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split. Then we learn Kirk and Rasheeda are going their separate ways. Now TI and Tiny decide to throw in the towel. Is 2017 a bad year for entertainment couples? Who’s next?

In the music and entertainment industry relationships don’t tend to last long. The few couples that manage to overcome the adversity of being publicly displayed constantly are cherished by fans and respected for their prosperity. Obviously being in a relationship observed and criticized by the entire world is not a walk in a park, to say the least.

Social media and the entertainment business looks to be a detrimental factor to some of Hollywood’s most inspiring relationships. There is easy access to whatever the heart desires on the internet these days and social media serve as a platform for men and women who are looking for “the easy catch”. Temptation is at an all time high right now and celebrities are taking full advantage of it.

It’s like this, being a celebrity is attractive. They attract attention that may be good or bad for them in many different forms. They can’t help it. That’s a perk that comes with the industry. However, when the wrong attention is addressed….whelp, that’s usually the recipe for disaster. I’m not a relationship expert but the evidence is obvious. Reality T.V shows,

I’m not a relationship expert but the evidence is obvious. How many relationships turn sour on Reality T.V shows? How many relationships have crumbled simply from entertainers “working” with other entertainers (remember the whole Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt break-up over costar Angelina Jolie)? YEP! It happened. We still loved them together -years later- but it happened. Celebrities intrigued by observing provocative pictures posted by their counterparts, instead of working on their current relationship issues they lose interest and cause more problems. DAMN! Typical!  I mean the list goes on, not to mention having children outside of your current relationship with THOTs lurking for the next victim.

You get it….right?

It’s disheartening to witness the demise of some of the most influential couples. At the end of the day, Jay and B are holding it down amongst several others so there’s still hope.

We’ll see!


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