By way of Los Angeles, California, Aeriel is an emerging musician with high-hitting vocals and a realness about her that showcases effortlessly through her music. She lures in her listeners through her catchy and calm melodies that pair  dexterously with her innocent and pure vocals. Recently, on January 5th, 2018, Aeriel released her latest EP, Sad Girls Club. 

Sad Girls Club was written by Aeriel and Produced by Corey Michael and Godflow. The five song EP encapsulates the range of emotions that accompanies a failing relationship, from uncertainty on “Be Down,” passion on “Motion,” and self preservation on “Selfish.”

From topics based on lovers, feminism, and everything in between – her life experiences will make many women relate, but listeners will be hooked by her realness and high-hitting vocals. Representing vigorous and independent women, Aeriel brings the right amount of purity with the ability to voice opinions on relationships that many can relate to in her stories.

The EP starts out in high tempo with her first single “Good on Ya,” which speaks on Aeriel wanting to leave the relationship that she is in because she is tired of the same results that she is getting out of the relationship, despite all the time and love she has put into it, but that was before she knew herself, which was a great way to empower females to KNOW YOURSELF before you put yourself into a relationship.

However, there is still some uncertainty and Aeriel wants to “Be Down” for the guy that she is with, despite her disappointments and the low expectations she was receiving.

We have all been in a situation where we are so in love with someone that we contemplate leaving because we want them to be down for us like we’re down for them, but it’s unsuccessful because insanity happens. We hope for different outcomes but we end up getting the same damn thing.

As the tempo slows down a bit, Aeriel goes through these “Motions” with the guy, a roller coaster of passion and emotion when they’re together. She feels so in love and passionate about the young man, yet torn and upset because she knows she shouldn’t be with him.

The tempo picks back up, like Aeriel picks herself back up in “1000,” where she is finally getting back in control of herself and the situation at hand. Aeriel realizes that she’s heard this guy’s bullshit over 1000x and she finally realizes her worth. We get tired of the lies, the excuses, the same ol stories over and over again. Enough is enough!

This leads to the conclusion of her EP where she’s finally learning to be “Selfish.” Her self preservation blossoms during this track as she realizes that she can do better and nothing will change with the guy that she’s with.

Being selfish is the best thing that you can do after a relationship ends. It gives you a chance to reflect on the relationship and a chance to reflect on yourself so that you can become a stronger version of yourself after a breakup.

Overall, I give this EP a 5/5 because the quality of the music, vocals, and content is GREAT! It’s very empowering, inspiring, raw, real, and overall just a great masterpiece that has been crafted together. This is the perfect album for anyone who may be experiencing the same issues in their love life or someone who may need an uplifting, positive female message to get them through! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Aeriel.

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