Evans Biney Jr., 20, is a visual artist, photographer and director born in Dallas, TX and raised in Ghana, West Africa. Evan first ventured into photography in 6th grade and hasn’t been able to put down the lens since. Evan marks his close friends as his biggest influences and I can understand why. Being around other creatives who have the same vision as you can be mentally stimulating and pleasing. Evan stated,”My biggest influences are my friends who are also into the multimedia realm. Having friends who do the same thing really challenges me to do better. It keeps me motivated constantly.” When asked about his plans for 2017, Evan said,”As far as 2017 goes, I plan on branching out and working with more people in the metroplex.” Evan’s unique eye for photography is what attracted me to his page in the first place. The realism of his photography leaves you suspended in time. His photos feel real. The ability for an artist to capture real emotion and action in their photography is extremely rare. Evan Biney is a photographer to watch in 2017 and that is exactly what all of us here at Freelancer Magazine will be doing.

Below are photos from Evan’s latest project, Nike “Shoot”. Enjoy.

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Instagram: @Varsity Visuals

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