Let’s hope you don’t have to suffer from a bad breakup. Bad breakups don’t miss many of us so let’s be realistic! After it happens, make the right moves & don’t fall backwards! Life moves forward whether you do or not. If you’re not moving forward, then you’re going backward.

Don’t get so caught up in your temporary emotions that you cloud your future.

There are some do’s and don’t’s, here’s a few DONT’S.

  • Don’t play the victim! It’s not cute or healthy. You could tell everyone in the world how you’ve been wronged but that won’t mend your relationship or heal your wounds.
  • Don’t find a rebound! Just don’t do it! Finding someone else is not the same as finding a rebound. This is just a temporary boo to engage with when you feel like it but your intentions aren’t good because you haven’t given yourself time to heal in the first place.
  • Don’t harass your ex! I mean really. Think straight. If you’re calling your ex from “unknown” numbers to see if they will talk to you or someone else….this is a big NO. Don’t ride by their house or intentionally go to places that you expect them to be. It makes you look desperate and stalker-like! It’s just not right.
  • Don’t be in denial! It’s over! You heard right. Yep, let it go.
  • Don’t go drinking to drown your thoughts. This is a recipe for disaster. This will only make you more vulnerable.
  • Don’t blame yourself & don’t waste your time thinking about a has been.

Here’s a few DO’s that will help you move on with your life!

  • Do give yourself time to heal before taking on new relationships. You have to close the door of your past, if not the new door will slam shut when you least expect it.
  • Do appreciate what you did learn from your ex. You’ll make a better companion for who’s next.
  • Do continue to love unconditionally. Don’t carry any dead weight with you. Leave the past in the past.
  • Do respect yourself! Stuff happens, we live and we learn.
  • Do respect the others person’s decision.
  • Do pray about it, if you must talk to someone!
  • Do live, life goes on!

Be good to yourself! Be no one’s damaged goods.


-Plychette Montgomery

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