de Apollo’s hit “SWAY” needs to be on your summer (and fuck it, all year round) playlist. With over 92,00 plays on SoundCloud and counting (it was at 72k just two weeks ago), de Apollo deserves all of the recognition he is getting.

How would you describe your music?

de Apollo: TheSpaceKind

After I came across the smooth ass hit, “SWAY”, on SoundCloud, I knew I wanted to hear more of his music. With songs like, “I Sure Tried”, “Blu Faces”, and “NASA”, de Apollo’s interesting dynamic and singing capabilities vary different from many artists on platforms such as SoundCloud, and that made me a fan. It’s hard to define and put de Apollo’s music into a box because he has such a unique sound. This will, for a FACT, ultimately lead him to great success in the music industry in the coming years. Whether de Apollo is doing his boyish rock star singing voice like on “Blu Faces”, or giving the ladies a more sweet tune like on “SWAY”, he knows how to captivate the audience.  I had the pleasure of interviewing de Apollo on his success, his relationship with SpaceMusic, and his plans for 2017.


de Apollo

Where did you get the inspiration for your stage name?

de Apollo: Geeked up looking at the stars. I saw a consolation. And from that point i knew.

I notice you tag a lot of your releases with #space music. Is that a collective?

de Apollo: SpaceMusic is a collective of creative individuals.The current members are really just like the first class. They all respectively has there own situations going on, but i just look at this as a way to get dope people together and create content.

1st Class Members:  Umi (artist), DougTheGenius (producer), RxCullen (producer), TheOutside (producer), Apollo (artist).

What kind of music did you listen to heavily back in the day?

 de Apollo: I ain gone cap. i used used to listen to a lot of Soulja Boy and Lil B when i was younger, but i evolved outta that. So we gone pass this one, cuz imma say something hella basic.

When did you first start making music?

de Apollo:I really have no idea. I like creating stories and feeling, this is just a way of portraying it.

How would you describe your music?

de Apollo: TheSpaceKind

de Apollo

Would you classify yourself as an R&B artists or a rapper?

de Apollo:Uhmmm I’m just making music. Each record is like a different person you’ve been with. You like them for certain things about them. I wanna create moments through these records and the visuals, and how we overall present it.

Where’s your hometown?

de Apollo:No one claims me. Who knows. Ive been in Atlanta/Fayetteville 5ever.

Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics?

de Apollo: Life experiences, momentary feelings, allat.

Tell me about the making of your hit, SWAY? 

de Apollo: It really exemplifies a way i was feeling at that time. The lyrics aren’t just some random turnt up shit. Ive actually dealt with women that only think about their boyfriend while he’s in her face. Some people are like that. Get drunk as fuck then I got something to blame it on. Yall aint slick. But i wanted a banger. I felt like this was my first record of the year. First record off my previous label and pushing this Space wave. It was just a refreshing sound and a moment that I took advantage of.

What are your plans for 2017?


New music?

de Apollo: So Sway was the first record off this lil tape we threw together of records with no purpose but sound dope asf called TheSpaceWay. Dropping that sometime this summer, after Umi’s new record, NaNaNaNaNa, starts making a life of its own and I drop the 3rd single, Steve Austin, Stone Cold, or w/e its gonna be called. Then we’ll drop it. But were already creatively in a whole different headspace.

Name one of your dream collaborations?

de Apollo: Empire of the Sun

My interview with de Apollo is one for the books. He truly is a character in and outside of the studio. Remember his name. I pride myself in having good taste in music and if you’ve learned annulling from my posts you know I DONT DISAPPOINT. de Apollo up NEXT!

Watch SWAY here!

Keep up with Apollo below:

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