Iconically known for their “gnarly” blonde dreads, relaxed yet remarkable sense of fashion and eclectic style of music, 3rdimension is a popular boy band consisting of 3 brothers that are dominating hip hop and the music scene in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up in a musically enthused household, Dash, Jelani and Jawara were inspired by their mother to pursue music who made them watch well known musical biopics like Lil Richard and The Jacksons: An American Dream. Their older brother and musician, Milan Hightower also had a influence on them as they were able to experience first hand his studio sessions and performances. In 2014, the 3 brothers decided to take matters into their own hands and form their group 3rdimension also know as 3D.

Differentiating them from other artist, 3rdimension composes a variation of feel good music that can set the tone for any occasion. Their sound is far beyond the melodies of traditional rap music. Mixing up genres like pop, r&b and hip hop, 3rdimension is able to produce a unique and unforgettable sound.

With efforts to make it big in the music industry, the 3 brothers refuse to limit themselves as they have plans to venture off into other endeavors such as acting and fashion

We do plan on having a small clothing line called “Gnarly Boyz” branching off from our brothers clothing like “624 Elite”

Get to know Dash, Jelani and Jawara on a personal note in our extended interview below where they discuss their new single “Static”, talk about their personal style and future goals.

Q: Why music, what influenced the 3 of you to start a group and pursue music?

3D: Growing up in our household, our mother always had us watch movies like the Jackson 5, Frankie Lymon, Little Richard etc, and it just kind of built on us. We started mimicking them and performing their songs at little family gatherings and also watching our oldest brother Milan Hightower he started doing music years before us. We was always around him while he went to the studio, had performances, auditions etc.

Q: So, where does the name 3rdDimension come from? 

3D: When we first started doing music we originally named ourselves “Riznsunz” but we later took a break from doing music and started getting into sports. Around 2013-2014 we came up with the conclusion that we just wanted to start focusing on our music again but needed to rebrand ourselves. We came up with the idea of adding in 2 extra people and naming our new group 5th dimension (dimension was just a randomly thought of word) but couldn’t find anyone else that wanted to do it and plus there was already a group from back in the day named 5th dimension. So we cut the idea of being called 5th dimension saw that there was only 3 of us and just went with the name 3rdimension (3D).

Q: As a group, the 3 of you have a very distinctive look, was the dreads a planned thing for the image and brand of 3rdDimension or did it just happen?

3D: The dreads seriously just happened, Jawara had been growing his hair his whole life but decided to get dreads back in 7th grade because he got irritated with getting his hair done all the time. Jelani started off with the South Le France hair cut while keeping the top nappy until his barber told him that he should get the top twisted instead of napped up. He got them twisted but never took them out. Dash dreads came about even more ironic, had a regular hair cut with a little bit of a fro on top and just kept using the new dread to give him a nappy look. After a year or so of using it his hair just became dreads.

Q: Do you think fashion and music go hand in hand?

3D: Of course! As an artist you have to have an image, without one then how would people differ you from other artist. Our mother always told us that no matter how good your music may be, without a niche you wouldn’t be able to catch the attention of others, and with that being said we focus half our time on getting our look together.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

3D Dash: I’m very smooth, dress shoes a lot of button up shirts sort of like a mob boss type fashion.

3D Jelani: Old school mixed with new school like odd future.

3D Jawara: I lean towards the skaters a bit with a little goth and urban swag into it.

Q: Do you see 3rdDimension venturing off into the fashion industry in the future?

3D: We do plan on having a small clothing line called “Gnarly Boyz” branching off from our brothers clothing like “624 Elite”

Q: Your new single “Static” ft. Solo$teeze recently dropped, tell me a little bit about the meaning of this track?

3D: The meaning of the tittle “Static” is the feeling you get from a person you’re in a relationship with, that tingling (static) feeling you feel when your with them or think about them but always question their loyalty hence the Line “Are you loyal?”

Q: Do you see 3rdDimension signed to a label or would you rather work independently?

3D: We like working independently because we make our own decisions and we are funding ourselves but, not having the certain resources that a label has can be a downfall. If we are given a reasonable contract to a major label where it’ll help us out in the long run we would considered it.

Q: Is there an album on the way or any collaborations and projects that the fans can look forward too?

3D: We have an EP coming this spring in 2017 called “Gnarly Boyz” and Dash is having a collaboration with our older brother Milan Hightower with a song called “Leaning.”

Q: Aside from music, do any of you have any other talents?

3D: We all been acting since we were kids, Dash has been boxing for 2 years, Jawara played basketball for his school for 3 years and Jelani does some playwriting.

Q: What’s next for 3rdDimension?

3D: Well we are planning on releasing a video to our new single static sometime this year, then start on our EP and work on starting a school tour and so much more.

Q: How can the audience keep up with you and your music? 

3D: We have a Facebook page called Official 3rdimension, Instagram and Twitter @3rdimension_ our YouTube pages are Red Pyramid Label & Official 3rdimension SoundCloud 3rdimension also our snapchat @official_3d

*Check out 3rdimension’s latest single “Static”


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