The fall season is in full effect which means that temperatures are getting cooler. Cooler temperatures means that it’s time to bring out the layers. If you are part of the rare group of girls that wears something other than oversized sweatshirts, chacos, and lulu lemon then here is some outfit inspiration for those long campus days.

Adidas is an essential for any college fashionista. Even though the brand is known for its athletic wear, its pieces are still extremely fashionable. Adidas can add flair to a basic outfit like a black t-shirt dress. Add flair to this outfit by pairing it with Adidas Superstars. Add a layer to this outfit by adding an Adidas track jacket to it. If you’re having a bad hair day just throw on a hat.


For those windy days, throw on a vintage windbreaker. Pair that windbreaker with distressed skinny jeans and Doc Marten boots. To give the outfit a vintage feel add gold bamboo hoop earrings and white clout glasses.


For a comfy and cute outfit to wear to class, joggers are always a good bet. Tale some joggers and pair them with a cropped hoodie and some cute slides. Some hoop earrings and a beat face will take this look from bummy to chic instantly.


Denim on denim is always a great fall look. Take a denim overall dress that you throw over a white tee shirt crop top. Add an extra layer by throwing on a long lined denim jacket. Pair this outfit with a denim backpack, a gold chain necklace, and white high top converse. When pairing all these denim pieces make them all the same type of wash.

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