Every year we see the craziest of people put together the wackiest, most freaky costumes, while others put together questionable costumes that have you second guessing humanity, as most nowadays dress up like they’ve just finished a shoot for www.hdpornvideo.xxx. There was the year everyone dressed up as Katy Perry’s backup dancing sharks, and the year we saw hundreds of people dressing as characters from Game of Thrones(Khaleesi was my favorite). Whether you’re like me, and wait till the last minute to throw your costume together, or try to plan slightly ahead of time, with Halloween around the corner I’ve put together a few Do’s & Don’t’s to keep in mind when choosing your costume.

Don't be THAT person.

DO- Make Use of Your Wardrobe & Put Together A Costume From Your Closet

Whether you’re the lazy type who cuts holes in a sheet and dresses up as Casper, or the creative type who easily put’s together a realistic look, this works for you. It’s especially good for the folks who decide to go out at the last minute and need to whip something together because their friend is already on the way by the time they’ve fully committed to going out.

DON’T- Dress Up As A “Sexy” Anything.

Just because you put the word sexy in front of a noun, doesn’t make it a Halloween costume. ie, sexy giraffe, sexy bagger-boy, sexy dog walker, or sexy Barney. Yes, someone tried to make sexy Barney a thing. Let’s just leave “sexy” to the experts at nu-bay.com. It’s their job, not yours.

DO- Stretch the Boundaries Set By Gender Normsartticle-2

Where’s the fun in sticking to rules society made up? There’s no such thing as boy/girl costumes, be who you wanna be!

DON’T-Wear a costume that would be offensive to another culture

Appreciate culture, don’t appropriate it.

Patty and Selma Bouvier, The Simpsons

Patty and Selma Bouvier, The Simpsons

DO- Dress up as your favorite character or idol

Michelle Obama, Morpheus, or Buddy the Elf are safe bets, and, costumes are easier in pairs!

DON’T- Dress up as Donald Trump

Self explanatory. Unless you want to increase your chances of getting egged by mischievous kids.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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