Bruce Springsteen, the “Boss” himself, has found himself at the center of an ever growing controversy. On April 8th, 2016, Springsteen posted on his Facebook page a message to his fans explaining that he would be canceling his upcoming shows in North Carolina, but more importantly, the message explained the importance behind why. Bringing to light a new law that has created a whirlwind of back-and-forth between politicians and LGBT activists alike, Springsteen chose to cancel his concerts due to his inability to support the type of message the new law, known as the “Bathroom Law” is sending to the rest of the world.  In his own words Springsteen wrote, “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them”, taking a stand on the most recent fight for LGBT/transgender rights. Springsteen’s stance on this controversial issue has of course garnered some controversy itself, with politicians, fans, and fellow musicians alike taking no time to express their opinions on the issue, and subsequently Springsteen’s stance as well.

All of this began last month on March 23rd, 2016, when North Carolina passed what is known as the “Bathroom Law”. Called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2), the “Bathroom Law” states that bathrooms and locker rooms are to be separated based on biological sex. This act has come across to many as a major step back and attack on the transgender/LGBT community as it seemingly infringes on their rights to privacy and safety in their own gender identified restroom. For example this law means that a transgender woman would not be allowed to use the woman’s bathroom, but would rather be expected to still use the men’s bathroom as that is considered to be her “biological sex”. This law, which received much attention and criticism from the LGBT/transgender community and activists, began to really gain national attention when Springsteen chose to cancel his shows in the wake of the law being passed. With Springsteen’s voice in the mix, the influx of reactions, with many praising his actions and likewise a good amount criticizing his actions and involvement.

Yet, though his seems to be the response that has for whatever reason resonated the most with the media and fans alike, Springsteen is not the only musician that has taken a stand on the matter. Earlier this week, Jimmy Buffet noticeably denounced the law, yet still did not cancel his shows in the state. Oppositely, just a few days ago, Ringo Starr followed in Springsteen’s lead, with the former Beatles member both criticizing the state for its inclusion of the law and canceling his upcoming shows in the state. Now, if this whirl wind is any indication, Bruce Springsteen is a man of his word and he stands by his decisions, so other states aiming to pass HB2, (Michigan, Springsteen’s looking at you), they better be prepared for the wrath of the “Boss”.


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