FIJIWATERSPLASH, also known as Grant Allen Drake, is a 21 year old, avant-garde artist from Virginia (276), but is currently living in Zone 1, North Carolina.

“S/o to Riverdale, s/o to Las Vegas too tho. Fuck college park lol”


“FIJIWATERSPLASH is just me but the team is very strong.”

He started out by just trifling around with his peers that also rap. One day he just decided to get in the booth and give it a go, and then the magic happened. He realized he should put his unused talent to use. He’s only been rapping for two months, but don’t let that phase you, this young man know’s what path to take and knows what direction he’s going in.

“I was shook the first time in the booth, I don’t know why haha I guess I’m just p***y.”

“As an artist, I love it cause its just another form of art and that’s what passion is.”

He recently performed for the first time in Richmond, Virginia on November 12th, 2016. I attended his performance and it was shocking, but enjoyable. The crowd was taken back by this incredibly hyper caucasian that looked like he didn’t belong in such a place. When the music started playing and Grant started to spit, all the judging stopped. Everyone went wild and started gathering in somewhat of a mosh pit. I realized that music truly brings people together.

Musically, he looks up to, R. Kelly, Young Thug, Jim Morrison, and Nino Nardini.

“I look up to the sky haha.”

Also, Grant is a fine artist (painting wise). Besides him having three jobs and working on music, he also invests his time into his artwork.


“I’ve been painting for two years, it started because I needed gas money haha.”

His art is very original and organic. It makes you wonder “what’s on this mans mind” when you gaze into it. He also describes his art as “sh***y depressed boy art”, using mostly dark and vague colors we can agree with that. We can also agree that there’s potential and a future for him in the art world also.


As a painter, he’s inspired by Jean Michael Basquiat, Robot Snake and his own brother. He also sells his artwork on shirts as a side hustle.

“How I feel as an artist, I don’t know forreal.”

Don’t sleep on FIJIWATERSPLASH, he’s definitely on the come up.

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