The words encourage you to keep listening and at some point you begin to identify with what you’re hearing. Trent Shelton sheds light over a soft spot for many, friendship.

In 2009, Shelton started making short videos to track his progress and achievements on bettering his life. He concluded the videos with his catchy phrase,  “It’s Rehab-Time”, which he still does today. The two-minute videos were inspirational to others as well. Shelton speaks with wisdom and has a Christian platform. His RehabTime videos now serve a larger audience. His ability to draw so much attention makes it important to touch on relevant issues, which makes his new video valuable.

At some point, you’ve surrounded yourself with people that would mean no good. You might’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced that but I doubt it.

There’s always an attempt for us to pride ourselves on our ability to not be deprived but we’re more vulnerable than we think. Our friendships reflect that same weakness or boldness. It’s important to realize our own faults or blindness rather. There’s no way to avoid all the faulty people you encounter. However, there’s a way to learn from those situations and recognize the signs of disloyalty when they’re made obvious.

Shelton’s video has had over 12.5M views and counting with over 314,000 shares. Obviously, he’s discussing a hot topic but there’s also a message. This video hits home for many. It’s not just a good listen for those looking to identify with how they’ve been burned by a friend but it’s a lesson for the accusers as well. It may even serve as a role call for some that should be exposed.


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