Yesterday, on the heels of their electrifying Global Citizen Festival performance in Central Park, Metallica debuted the second single “Moth Into Flame” from their upcoming tenth studio album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, out November 18. And boy, oh boy, was it a let down.

If you read my thoughts on the debut promotional single frombest-top-10-metallica-songs this record “Hardwired”, released about a month ago, you may remember that my feelings about the track were lukewarm, despite my Metallica super-fandom. So, when I previewed “Moth Into Flame” yesterday, I was hoping beyond hope for something a little less generic, a little more edgy and biting. But I got none of that. “Moth Into Flame” is so tame that it makes “Hardwired” sound like a freakin Death Grips songs.

The riffs are ever so unoriginal, the vocals painfully average, the chorus melody and guitar leads sound like Metallica covering Avenged Sevenfold or Black Veil Brides or something.

I guess the song isn’t terrible. I’ve just come to expect a certain kt0hismvlevel of creativity and tenacity from Metallica, but all I’ve gotten leading up to Hardwired…To Self Destruct has been genericness and water-down 1980s thrash metal nostalgia. For some reason, I had expected Metallica to ride into their tenth studio album hotter than ever, especially given how progressive and exciting 2008’s Death Magnetic was

But I have to remind myself that Death Magnetic was eight years ago. Metallica is eight years older. They’ve had eight years to lose a lotta fire. And those losses definitely show on “Moth Into Flame”.

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