In June 2017, Freelancer Magazine featured Timmy Risden, a growing music photographer from Naperville, Illinois. Since then, Risden has been excelling in his craft, shooting artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Wifiisfuneral, and many more. With 2017 coming to a close, Risden follows up with Freelancer Magazine to tell us what he’s been up to and where he plans to go in 2018. Stay tuned for this amazing update, as well as an announcement Risden has for his fanbase and followers.

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Q: Since our last interview in June, what projects have you been into?

A: Since June, I’ve been doing a lot of individual work with clients on my own. In addition, I’ve been getting into selling prints (and doing TONS of giveaways on my Instagram) and getting a hang of the shipping game. It’s definitely been a learning experience.

Q: How have these projects helped further your visual career?

A: Giving people tangible prints has helped people connect with my work as well as make them feel a part of it in a way. In addition to that, the giveaways have been huge for getting my page some attention and I’m definitely going to keep giving out what I can.

Q: Have you done any projects with any new prominent names in your community or nationally?

A: Not projects necessarily but I’ve gotten the chance to photograph a few more noteworthy artists such as Vince Staples (one of my favorites), G Herbo, Waka Flocka, and more.

Q: How do you plan to finish off 2017?

A: I’m working on providing people with a bit more variety when it comes to prints (variety in pictures, sizes, etc.) as well as planning my new website which is just around the corner.

Q: Tell us about your experience with shooting Waka Flocka Flame and Wifiisfuneral?

A: Waka Flocka is someone I’ve wanted to shoot for a while but my mood quickly shifted when my camera got drenched in champagne about 30 seconds into his set. Thankfully, my camera survived the set but it was definitely a wake-up call to move towards the back. Wifi was super intense too, I literally had to be sitting on the ground for like three straight hours in order to hold my spot down in the middle of his hectic ass fans. After the show, he stayed and signed something for literally every person that showed up. Very humble and cool dude.

Q: What are your plans for 2018?

A: I’m planning on starting up a podcast focused around music photography that targets everyone, not just those that are involved in the scene. I’ll be making some announcements on my social media pages sometime in the next couple of weeks (@TimmyRisden).

Q: Are there any events that you will be shooting for in 2018?

A: I’m planning on going to SXSW but aside from that, events kinda just pop up throughout the year.


Q: What artists do you plan to shoot more of in 2018 than you did in 2017?

A:  I want to shoot some more with my boys Young Jasper and Ron$oCold, I also want to get in touch with Yung Bans and Duwap Kaine for some shoots as well.

Q: How do you plan to expand your brand with the new year coming up?

A: As I said, I’m really excited to get this new website up and running as well as continuing to expand with my prints.

Q: How has your career with Lyrical Lemonade expanded in 2017?

A:  I’m actually no longer with Lyrical Lemonade, but all the love to them. They’re killin’ it as always.

Q: What did you mean by “No more trendy shit 2018, timeless only”?

A: This question is awesome, I just meant that I don’t want to follow what’s being looked at as “trendy” just because trends don’t last and I want my work to always be something I’m proud of.

Q: How has your craft progressed in 2017 and what do you hope to do differently in 2018?

A: I’ve gotten a bit better at working with lowlight which is something I want to continue to improve on this year for sure. I also want to continue on improving my ability to capture artists in authentic moments while they perform or do whatever they’re doing.

Q: Is there anything you would like the readers to know??

A: MY PODCAST IS COMING VERY SOON. I haven’t announced the name of it yet but I’m very excited for it to start up. Also, be sure to stay in-tune on my Instagram (@TimmyRisden) because I will be doing plenty of more giveaways in the near future.





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