“Do it for the culture” was by far one of the hottest lines in Hip-Hop this year, coined by Migos.  When someone “does it for the culture” they are helping to uplift or support a particular culture, whether it be a form of pop culture or a certain ethnic culture. “Doing it for the culture “is a term that’s quoted by many but emulated by few. The people I’m going to mention in this article are the top 3 people that are- in my humble opinion-actually “doing it for the culture.”

Shaun King

Shaun is known by many as a  civil right’s activist. He gained a lot of attention by using social media- the mecca of all communication- to talk about the injustices many African-Americans were and are facing at the hands of police officers and to also show support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.  He was in turn hired by the New York Daily News as a senior  justice writer. King used Twitter- the layman’s stage- to raise awareness about the hardships blacks face and if that’s not “doing it for the culture” I’m not sure what is.

Issa Rae

Issa Rae’s rise to fame is largely due to her hilariously innovative youtube series Awkward Black Girl. It was because of her Youtube series that she was given the chance to write and star in a show of her own creation, Insecure. Insecure premiered in the fall of 2016 on HBO and it is truly one of a kind. The show depicts black people-more specifically black women- in the best way, as normal intelligent people. There aren’t any stereotypes or passive aggressive jabs  made about blacks or any other ethnicity in the show.  Representation starts behind the scenes and Issa Rae is changing the way black women are depicted in the media one season at a time. Issa is a true emulator of ” doing it for the culture”.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz is another media man that is taking control of how certain ethnicites are represented on screen. Aziz wrote and created Master of None with Alan Yang, both non-black men of color. Master of None premiered on Netflix in the fall of 2015. Aziz uses his show as a platform to not only be funny but  to  also talk about issues such a gender-equality , homophobia and racism. So let’s raise our glasses to Aziz for ” doing it for the culture”.


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