The Fourth of July will be upon us soon and I’m extremely excited. Although the sound of fireworks has terrified me since I was a kid, I still somehow muster up the courage to watch them (even if that means from a distance). Along with the beautiful bursts of colors in the sky, another portion of the holiday that excites me is choosing what outfit I will wear. Although this is the one day of the year that it is accepatable to be super patriotic while sporting stars and stripes, let’s be honest; it can get tacky really quickly.

There are other ways to show your patriotism and still remain fashionable. Here are outfits that will keep you “cookout chic” and “fireworks ready” this holiday!

034db091e8d4ac715babd4bd27b00e65 Denim on Denim has been a hot trend for a while now. Not only is it effortlessly fabulous, but can you say “inexpensive”? For the most part, many of us already have a denim top in our closets. By pairing a denim shirt with a denim skirt, denim pants, or overalls (if you’re feeling adventurous), you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Where to find it:

Denim Shirt: Target

Denim Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Black Structured Purse: Forever 21










172919ec9d32d9b42fbedfc22b9c2774I have been obsessing over the return of “peasant tops”. These are the off-the-shoulder bohemian themed shirts that you may have been seeing in your local stores. The peak of the shoulders gives its wearer a charming appeal. In this outfit, everyone at the cookout will be dying to know where you shop.

Where to find it:

Peasant Top: Forever 21

Black Jeans: Forever 21

Mirrored Shades: Sunglass Warehouse






Who said that sequin0d9a41461c7c58a4aabaa43150968966s were out? These bad boys have carried their way through generations of fashion changes and have somehow been able to make every woman feel like the center of attention when wearing them. Candidly speaking, anyone in sequins is the center of attention due to their eye catching abilities. Done right, incorporating sequins into your Fourth of July outfit is the ultimate statement while ending your night at the fireworks show.

Where to find it:

Sequin Jacket: Gilt

Distressed Denim: Nordstrom Rack

Heels: Charlotte Russe



If you were inspired to try out any of these looks, hashtag your picture with #FRLMAGFashion for me to see. Until next time, stay stylish!

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