As social media has evolved so has dance. A lot of videos surface hours at a time on Twitter of people getting shine for doing a current dance trend. The current dance crazes used to be limited to your room or a local party, but now individuals have used this strategy of dance to…in urban terms break the internet.

Recently, a lot of videos have been coming to surface of white girls doing these dances as well. It’s stirred up conversation between the Twitter community that the white girls only get praise for what black girls have been doing. The argument is set up two ways: that a dance should be something for anyone to enjoy, but others say that it is simply by the difference of race.

Personally, I just feel this is yet another thing masked as an underlining division. I see the valid feelings in both arguments, but as a black woman my question would be, “If the people you are dancing to were to be scrutinized would you march in justice for them?” If that question is yes , we have a level of understanding. Of course dancing to a song and a matter of life and death don’t measure, but that is in fact the life an African American life wages. Not only has this discussion been raised in terms of dance, but also the future of it as well.

Our stigma that in order for someone to be labeled a dancer must be trained or on stage is rebranding itself. We have questioned whether this is the new realm of dance or simply a fad. I believe every artistic abilities are renovating their lanes everyday. Dance has transitioned into an entertainment activity, but their is no doubt that we admire the classics. Dance reflects the time period, and stories of right now. As silly as it sounds I believe every move we make says currently that we are all for fun and freedom.

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