teyana-taylor-brows-hypehairAfter Kanye released the world premier of his new music video, “Fade”, many women were eager to find out the workout regimen of the video star and men were aweed by her perfection. Dancing had suddenly become fascinating. She would make her debut but this time a platform had been created. The world would be reintroduced to a very talented artist who’s name is Teyana Taylor.




teyana_taylor_pictureAt a very young age, Taylor acquired an interest in music. She competed in talent shows and also performed at Apollo Theater. Her dedication would lead her to a record deal with Star Track Entertainment under the “Happy” recording artist, Pharrell Williams. In 2012 Taylor was granted a release from her contract but she would later go on to sign with Kanye West’s label.

While still working on her music, Taylor would excel in acting as well. Her roles would include parts in the following movies; Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming , Madea’s Big Happy Family, Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation, Cruel Summer, The Start Up, The Love Section, and Brotherly Love.

Taylor’s talents would not go unnoticed. With the release of her album,VII,in 2014 Taylor would now put out a fresh sound and captivate her audience with her sexy lyrics. Taylor’s new single, “Maybe”, proves there’s true quality in the young artist’s vocals. The tiny artist voice is powerful and unique. Her third single released from VII featuring Chris Brown ,”Do not Disturb”, demonstrated the singer’s authentic sound. Her intense tune further demonstrates her potential.

rs_1024x574-160829101428-teyanaKanye West’s video, “Fade”, created a platform for Teyana Taylor that would allow the world to see her like they’d never seen her before. Many viewers didn’t know “the girl” in the video and surely not  because the lack of her talent. She’s not a new artist but in some ways she’s been reborn. Her artistry would be exhilarated by her appearance in this video. Art inspired by art allowed the reintroduction of Teyana Taylor. GET TO KNOW HER!



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