It’s frustrating, to say the least when purchasing gifts. They’re so many things that can go wrong. Persuading yourself that its the thought that count doesn’t seem to make you feel any better. You want to buy the perfect gifts for everyone you love, yet there are way more options than money.

It could all be so simple if you were rich but chances are you haven’t quite made it there yet financially.

You’re wealthier than you think. Your time is more precious than you can imagine and you’ll find that others find it very valuable. The people that you care about most wants your time more than anything. Give a little of your time and you’ll take on to the small things that they find important. Just listen! It’s amazing what you learn when you just listen. Even a phone call will be sufficient.

You become very familiar with what they like or what they take interest to. It’s important to pay close attention. Attention to detail will serve you well in the gifting process.

Imagine learning that your aunt absolutely loves candles made by the company Tyler. She loves the “Warm Sugar Cookie” fragrance candle and she’s having a hard time finding them. She’s not aware that those candles are sold online and that she could order them easily. You order those exact candles she wants to make a perfect Christmas gift. Imagine how special she feels on Christmas day as she’s opening her gift from you. The fact that you took the time to listen and you caught on to the specifics makes her feel worthy and loved. A small affordable gift holds a significant meaning.

Time is to be spared when available. There is no wrong way to do it. Rather over a phone call, over lunch , or a well spent day, giving a little time helps you embrace the holidays with peace. Your efforts will suffice.

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