We all want to feel like we personally connect with those we follow on social media and these women do just that. They give you an experience through their photos and show the ins/outs of their lives. I personally love social media for its analytics and how to drive traffic to your page. All of this woman have developed their crowd organically through their transparency and aesthetically pleasing images.



Alex Elle


Social Media: Alex_elle

Location: Washington DC

Audience: Women who are struggling with self worth, and inner growth

Introduction: Alex is woman completely aware of herself and her story. She has developed her platform through being honest about things she’s struggled with and speaking positivity towards those things. She is also very open about her relationship with her husband and her daughter. She has truly cultivated a beautiful atmosphere of love and transparency around herself. She’s also an author of Words Of A Wanderer and Love in My Language. She all about exploring ourselves and getting to the root of our deepest joys as well as sorrows.

Ronke Raji


Social Media: Ronkeraji

Location: Maryland

Audience: Those who are looking for bright fun make up looks and natural hair tips

Introduction: Ronke encourages the African diaspora through her colorful clothing and make up. Most make-up artists love to do neutral looks to pertain to any crowd, but there is no doubt she defies that assumption. Her signature look is a retro lip mixture, her gorgeous hair in a puff, and a lovely background to make a beautiful picture. She also shares some natural hair trips along the way on how she masters her hair in a perfect bun/puff. She also has some very eclectic merchandise she sells that represents her personality and style.



Hannah Faith

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Social Media: hannahfaith_

Location: London, UK

Audience: How to develop yourself as a female being in the music industry to a level to sustain constant travel

Introduction: Hannah is a DJ for Soulection. Soulection is a platform for music makers that has been around since 2011. She has become a traveling DJ through this publication and has been documenting her travels, while practicing her craft.



Laura Lacquer


Social Media: lauralacquer

Location: Miami, FL

Audience: Encouraging women who are in medical school and wanting to balance a full happy life

Introduction: Laura is a doctor that graduated from Harvard University with her husband who is also a doctor. They both live a crazy life and work strenuous hours while trying to raise two beautiful girls. Laura has influenced her followers to live happily no matter the career and manage your time while doing it all.



All of these women are from completely different walks of life, but have all inspired me in different ways. I would hope at least one of these would pertain to your life goals and following these people would help you step into the vision of receiving it.


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