Rapper Nicki Minaj claims that high end designer Giuseppe Zanotti has used her name on several of his products, but never gave her any credit. Minaj goes to Twitter to express her feelings towards the situation. Her tweets state how the designer named several pairs of sneakers after her yet refused to take calls from her team. She also states how Giuseppe told Minaj herself that she inspired him to design a sneaker which she wore on the cover of Cosmo.

She goes on to say how he was giving other artists their own collections and that’s what made her want to address the issue. Upon visiting Giuseppe’s website, one can find that the designer has a collaborative collection with singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez.


She even tells followers to check his website where one can find all of the pairs of shoes that Giuseppe has designed that are named “Nicki”. Minaj hints that racism is at play here, since she is the only celebrity not getting credit for inspiring Giuseppe.

The rapper goes on to tweet about how her main issue isn’t even money, it’s respect. Minaj feels extremely offended that the designer would refuse to take her calls. She suggests how the designer could have even donated what Minaj would have gotten for collaborating on these shoes.

Nicki managed to get the hashtags #GiuseppeWhatsGood and #RunMeMyCHECK trending in order to bring attention to her issue. Ultimately, the designer removed all of his shoes named “Nicki” from his website. A fan pointed out the removal of the shoes to the rapper via twitter, which Nicki responded by calling it a good start. The lesson here is not to play with Nicki, her fans, or her money


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