The Golden State Warriors have secured their spot in the NBA championship. With an All-Star line up what did you expect from the Warriors? The splash brothers (Step Curry & Clay Thompson), the defensive phenomenon (Draymond Green) and the 6’9 all around player Kevin Durant. I mean really. A line up as this almost seems unfair right?

After losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the championship finals last year, the Warriors recruited Durant and so far the team’s chemistry is impressive. The Warriors’ road to another championship ring looks promising as ever. Durant doesn’t know what an NBA championship feels like so he has a chip on his shoulder and one hell of a reason to make sure the Warriors give an outstanding performance in these next few weeks.


That’s what it’s going to take to beat the Cavaliers. Although the Cavaliers are still competing for the East Conference Title against the Boston Celtics, the results are predictable. With the Celtics’ star player, Isiah Thomas, out for the rest of the season, the next few games could be as agonizing as game two blow-out. Just saying!

Lebron James preparation for this moment had received backlash earlier in the season when he pressured the owners’ of the Cavaliers for more talent. James was right. The art of war is being prepared for it. The Warriors have swept through the West Conference playoffs, so Lebron’s gesture was definitely appropriate.

The two teams will face off for the third time, consecutively, in their fight for the NBA Championship. This time around will be quite interesting.

The tie breaker!


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