Game 5 of the NBA Finals the Golden State Warriors became two-time NBA champions. Their appearance in the finals for the last three years against the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn’t come as a surprise but this year was different. This year they brought special artillery, Kevin Durant, to take out the defending champions for the 2016-17 NBA Title.

The Golden State Warriors’ front office power move proved to be beneficial for the team this year. To add Durant to their already All-Star line up was a decisive move. Although some NBA fans question if it was necessary, it made difference. A statement was being made. The paradigm of the NBA was shifting in Golden State’s favor, and left people wondering how to bet on NBA games involving the Warriors, knowing that more often than not, Golden State was going to come out on top. In the future, they could always check out some NBA previews at Bet Today USA for some tips and predictions.

OKC fans lost their cool when news broke that their beloved Kevin Durant chose to join the team that overcame a 3-1 deficit in the NBA playoffs that brought an end to OKCs’ season. It was a questionable move for some and a power move for others. Maybe even a sign of betrayal for his former teammate for eight years, Russel Westbrook.

Durant’s nine seasons had come to an end at OKC as he began a future with the Warriors. The Warriors created new chemistry to accommodate their new teammate. They didn’t finish with a historic record as the season before 73-9 but they did finish with a ring. The ultimate goal was accomplished but at what cost for KD?

There has been much debate regarding KDs’ decision to leave the franchise that he helped build for one that was already established. Some would argue that his desire for the NBA Championship Title and ring was more than enough to justify his move to GS. While others question his loyalty or rather or not he has the heart of a champion joining a team where his workload would be small and his struggle a lot easier.

What do you think?

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