If there was one word to describe 2016 so far it would be random. From all ends of the spectrum, things seem to just be happening and spinning with no clear direction, especially within the entertainment industry. Specifically in the music realm, more and more random occurrences seem to be popping up left and right – from bands resurfacing, to numerous lawsuits, to drama, drama, and more drama. One recent occurrence that I would like to focus on came straight out of left field and is charging headfirst into the music scene. Now this event would be that of yet another band coming back from the black hole that has devoured many a band under the title of “hiatus” and it is one band that has a special place in the hearts of anyone living large in the early 2000s. The ultimate American idiots and defenders of pop-punk, Green Day, have risen once again. Recently Green Day has announced that they will be returning with a new single called “Bang Bang” and since that announcement the countdown to its arrival has swiftly begun. Even just today there were as few as five days left before the songs release, showing that not only is Green Day looking to return with a bang, but they are aiming to return fast.

The song was first announced via Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram and Twitter accounts on which he has been likewise hinting for a while that something might have been brewing within the Green Day camp, though never with any definite details. This is really unlike any of the other band announcements 2016 has seen so far in the sense that most of these types of announcements have either been very vague, like in the case of Paramore’s album announcement, or have had months of lead up, like in the case of Blink-182. Green Day on the other hand had their material already crafted and basically announced the song was coming with very little lead up time in between. It was a matter of saying that the song was coming and beginning what was pretty much a two-week countdown to its arrival. Not that any Green Day fans are complaining; the shorter the wait, the better.

Now details for the song have been pretty scarce, though the band has claimed that they are attempting to go back to their roots – really delving into that classic Green Day sound that has made them such a standing within the punk rock community. The fact that they are attempting to go back to their roots may come as a surprise to many as Armstrong, front man of the group, tweeted earlier this year that he would wanted his mission for the year to end pop punk. The same genre that which has given the band its fame and its notoriety for triumphantly dominating the genre and bringing it to forefront of pop culture in the early 2000s. Now whether that was simply a joke or a real goal of Armstrong’s, either way he and his Green Day bandmates are looking to make a bang within the pop-punk genre, and hopefully remind the world why Green Day has always been a force to be reckoned with.


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