If there’s inspiration I’ve needed, I knew just where to find it. Quite flawed with imperfections, quite frank on what defines me. Not likely comparable but very competitive, got a go-getter attitude and a mind that screams “DO BETTER”! To say that I’m different doesn’t really mean I’m different, I could really say whatever and prove to be irrelevant. How did I find my relevance?

What better way to lose focus, then to embrace a form of expression. The focal point of destruction if there’s no initial direction.At the foundation of its element, there’s meaning where there’s clarity. You must  catch the significance, you must determine your position in the word and not allow the words to determine your position. When you look in the mirror, does your reflection give you reason? Is it your story that you picture when you see your mirrored image?

You must first get acquainted with yourself, make it personal by embracing the company of your own. Your comfort zone awaits you and just you alone. Take possession of  your happiness because this obligation belongs to you. Be not bound by the debts of your own, forward move, least it be true.  Your accountability sets you apart from the unhealthy way of the world. You must not dwell in its overwhelming warfare. In the eye of the beholder , have you found your inspiration yet? In yourself, do you believe? When there’s a will , there’s a  way and guided by your direction, the vision is much clearer. Like a driven form of nature, you flourish.

-Plychette Montgomery

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