It’s the season of costume parties and many always struggle with coming up with a unique outfit to wear instead of the standard tight outfit and a pair of ears. For the girls who want to stand out at the next costume party, here are a few costume ideas that are easy to replicate.



The first costume idea is to dress as either Cher or Dionne from the cult movie Clueless. These costumes are very easy to put together. For Cher you absolutely have to wear a yellow plaid skirt, and for Dionne your have to wear black or red plaid. Also, to dress as Dionne, it’ll help if you have braids. A matching blazer is optional since that can get a little hot, but over the knee socks are a must to complete the look. For the Dionne costume, a hat similar to hers will perfect the look even more.


For another Clueless outfit, take a collared long sleeve shirt, and put it on under a dress. To dress as Dionne, the dress should be red velvet with a white collared shirt, and for Cher the shirt should be light blue with a dark corduroy sleeveless dress. Don’t forget the over the knee socks!

Poetic Justice


There are several looks that can be replicated from Janet Jackson’s character in poetic justice. To dress up as her character it is probably best if you have braids. This first look is probably the most famous. For this look baggy jeans and the beret are a must. To enhance the look add some hoop earrings, and for the shirt a crop top or fitted shirt with sleeves will work.


For this look, the beret and hoop earrings are still necessary. An oversized black baseball jersey is needed, and this can either be worn as a dress or with baggy jeans or any bottoms of your choosing.


For this last look, a thick white headband is needed to pull the braids up into a high ponytail. Put in some hoop earrings, a white shirt, baggy jeans, and you’re good to go.



To dress as the iconic trio TLC, you’ll need to grab two of your friends. To kill the look, you and your friends should replicate the group’s hairstyles. Baggy pants are necessary for this costume as well as visible boxers that match your crop top that is either red, green, or yellow.

Destiny’s Child


One of Destiny’s Child’s most memorable outfit is from their “Survivor” music video. Once again, for this costume you’ll need two friends, a lot of camo, and combat boots. A little war paint is the perfect touch. This look is pretty easy, and will have you and your girls slaying the costume party.

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