Our goal as human beings, especially as women, is to have the full package. The full package meaning to be physically active, be happy within, and have a happy bank account. College is an unstable time of life when it comes to all these things and can be hard to maintain. If you are no longer living on campus, adding rent to your expenses can be strenuous on top of keeping yourself fed. So there’s always this constant battle between getting quick fast food or committing to a healthy diet; then of course you have the struggle of being able to afford a healthy diet. Here is a list of products that can be eaten multiple different ways for different types of meals:


  • Mashed as a dip
  • Over toast
  • Coated with spices


  • Over toast
  • Mixed with spinach
  • Boiled eggs on the go


  • Used as a mid-day snack
  • Placed in plain Greek yogurt
  • Mixed with nuts


  • With your eggs
  • Wrapped with chicken
  • In a smoothie


  • With peanut butter over toast
  • With berries
  • In oatmeal


  • Rapped in spinach
  • Plain
  • With vegetables

All of these things can be eaten multiple different kinds of ways which makes your grocery list a whole lot cheaper. If you get some of these items in bulk, you may not have to make another grocery trip for a couple of weeks. Also another huge tip for college students, stay far far far away from heat up meals for any of these options, whether they are vegetables, chicken, and anything heat up basically. I know it’s easier to by them pre-packaged, but they are packed with sodium to have them frozen. So take the healthier route and buy everything that must be cooked. As far as the produce, buy as little as possible to last you a week so you won’t have to make another trip. You don’t want to buy produce in bulk and it goes bad. These are just some items that are interchangeable, but this will ensure your grocery trips to be underneath $40! Granted this is modified for college students, but if you are reading this and you have a steady job feel free to have fun with being healthy. Eating healthy was never intended to be a death sentence to desserts, cravings, and good food.

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