Have you ever gotten into a fight with your ex that was just down right bad? I mean not a little dispute over text but a full blown, in person blow out? Well, if you have than you will be able to relate to the Lawrence and Issa debacle that took place in the latest episode of Insecure.

“HellaDisrespectful“, is the latest and 2nd to last episode of  season 2 of  Insecure and damn…. they did that with this one. Let me start off by saying that I have been waiting for Issa to pop off on Lawrence all season and I’m so happy she finally got the chance to do it in this episode.

For all of you that haven’t seen the episodee-but most importantly the cut-throat fight scenes between Issa and Lawrence- let me set the scene up. So basically, the uber bourgeois Tiffany threw her man, Derek, I dinner party for his birthday. Everyone was there, Kelly and her youthful man, Issa and her brother, a random couple, Molly, Dro and Candice and of course Lawrence, + 1.

The vibe at the dinner party was already a bit off because of the whole open relationship thing with Molly, Dro and Candice. On top of that, Issa had gotten into with Daniel before she even arrived a the dinner so she already had an attitude but things only got worse when Lawrence came in with a date. Maybe about an 20 minutes into the dinner Issa got up and left.

As she was outside waiting on her uber, Lawrence came out and tried to talk her and ugh it got real after that. Issa popped off on Lawrence for brining a date and for  having sex with her while he was messing around with Tasha. She even called him out on being depressed and lazy for 2 years and took a jab at his baby, “Woot Woot”.  Lawrence wasn’t going for any of it and straight out called Issa a hoe.

The crazy thing about all of this is that, it was so obvious that they clearly still care about one another yet, they said so many rude things to one another but I guess it just be like that sometimes.


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